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Hoarders Clean

Compulsive hoarding, a complex anxiety disorder, can make it difficult for sufferers to part with possessions. Left untreated, hoarding can become overwhelming or even dangerous, affecting the health and well-being of the hoarder and loved ones. Fire, poor air quality, and other hazards caused by hoarding can cause a family to lose their home or, in extreme cases, even cause injury or death.

SHINENOS Services, a local family-owned company, specializes in compulsive hoarding, animal hoarding, and excessive clutter. We know how painful the cleanup process can be for everyone involved. Our caring professionals work with you through each step, making sure you’re comfortable as we untangle this complicated problem and make your home livable once again. We don’t believe anyone should suffer a life of shame or isolation because of hoarding.


Our Services Restore Homes to a Clean, Safe Condition

We don’t just offer free estimates. We’re available 24/7 to discuss everything you might need for a complete cleanup and restoration. Every client we work with is treated with patience, understanding, and respect. Our services include:
  • Confidential and private services
  • Telephone support
  • Keepsake recovery
  • Sorting of contents
  • Photo documentation of the process
  • Paperwork required by government agencies or trusts
  • Deep cleaning
  • Recycling of appliances
  • Donation of items
  • Home Repair Referrals

Rely on SHINENOS Services for Comprehensive Hoarding Cleanup

The hoarding and biohazard cleanup teams at SHINENOS Services are experienced in cleaning, sanitizing, and restoring your property after it has been affected by illness or a traumatic event. When it comes to the protection of your family or business, there are no shortcuts. We guarantee: We assist property owners, law enforcement, and families in crisis. We understand that when you’re dealing with the aftermath of a hoarding situation, it can be hard to know what next steps to take. That’s why we’re here.

If you need help with a hoarding situation, call us at (888) 802-0420. We’ll be at your side right away.

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